Saturday, June 6, 2009

Toy Ferrari turned into exotic computing device

Ferrari F430 PC:

Autoblog readers, cars and computers converge on a daily basis, but never like this. At Computex, creative PC packaging company Kimpro displayed an Intel Atom-based netbook (for the tech-challenged, that's an inexpensive laptop) that hides within the plastic of a Ferrari F430 GT. We don't know much about the company that produced this object of processing perfection, but we're pretty sure we could live with one of these babies for blog duty.
The tech geeks at Engadget tell us that Atom-based computers are anything but sprightly, making the choice of a toy Ferrari chassis a dubious one at best. We don't care, though, because how many exotics have two USB ports, DVI out, and an internal DVD burner? We just hope that the processor managed to find a home nestled between the rear wheels. Hat tip to Sea Urchin

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